Our values are the things that are important to us at Southern River Church of Christ and they also seek to reflect what we believe is important to God. With this in mind we value:


We can achieve nothing without God’s help and by committing ourselves to prayer both as individuals and as a community of believers we are acknowledging that we are totally dependent upon God to work out His plans and purposes for us as a church.


We value the Bible as God’s inspired Word to us and as the basis for our faith, daily living and growth. We are committed to teaching the Bible in ways that can help people better understand God’s plan for their lives, encourage them to read it for themselves and to stimulate their own spiritual growth.


It is important for Christians to exhibit the character of Jesus in their lives and so we will encourage all those who make SRCC their spiritual home to live daily for Jesus. Christlike character can only be formed through the Holy Spirit working within us and we will also encourage people to live in continuous obedience to the work of the Spirit in their lives.


Service to God and to others is one of the most obvious ways in which we can demonstrate that we are living for Christ and so we will encourage people to discover their spiritual gifts, develop them and most importantly, use them in service for God and others.


At SRCC we do not believe in establishing a church just for Christians from other churches. Others who believe in our purpose and values are more than welcome to join with us but we want it to be clearly understood that our reason for being is that we might declare the reign of God to our community and encourage those who do not know Jesus yet to come to know Him personally and acknowledge His reign in their lives as well. We are focused on seeing God’s Kingdom extended in our own locality and into the whole world.


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